Saturday, February 19, 2011

A room of my own...

Our big move to California happens in FOUR DAYS and I cannot believe it's almost here. There is so much packing and painting left to do here in New York before we get on the plane, but my mind is already on to the next thing. We've already secured an apartment and it is huge- more than double the square footage of our present place, plus it's a two bedroom instead of a one bedroom. This means we'll have a dedicated office/SEWING room! Currently I can only sew at the dining table which means I have to set up and take down my sewing way too often. It's a hassle, not to mention time-consuming, and it definitely puts a damper on my sewing. Plus, over the past few weeks, the apartment has been in such a state of chaos with the packing, that I really haven't sewn much at all (you probably guessed that, given the lack of posts).

But with the second bedroom, I'll actually be able to leave things set up! I'm expecting that I'll sew a lot more once the hassle factor is reduced. Of course, I'll still be sharing the space with my husband's computer menagerie, as well as my own desk- but I'll at least be able to get a table for sewing in there. I'm already thinking about how I'll organize it- luckily there's no shortage of inspiration! I love the simple, graphic, but effective organization of Martha Stewart's (gigantic) craft room- see the whole thing here.

If I set up my sewing room like hers, will my projects turn out as nicely?

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