Friday, January 21, 2011

Completed: Throw pillow

This project was a pretty simple throw pillow, it came together in an evening. I drafted a "pattern" out of an old shopping bag for an 18" square pillow with a plain front and a button closure in the back. The fabric is something I picked up at F&S Fabrics for the Home last time I was in Los Angeles, and I just love it. It goes perfectly with the other colors in our living room- the peacock blue walls, the tan couch, the dark brown and black furniture, and the orange accents. The other pillows on the couch are a blue ikat pattern that I bought a few years ago at HomeGoods.

To close it, I made two of these modified frog closures. First I made bias tape by cutting strips of fabric, folding, and pressing them, then sewing one edge closed. To make the knot, I knotted one end loosely, then pulled the other end through the loop of the knot, which kept the knot from being too bulky. I used a few hand stitches to secure the knot, then attach it to the pillow. Overall, I like how they look, although the closure is gapping a little between the knots since I didn't allow enough overlap. A few sew-on snaps should solve that, though.

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