Monday, January 31, 2011

Vintage Ribbon Details

I'm currently packing for a cross-country move, and in the process of packing up my collection of vintage clothes, I'm struck once again by the gorgeous details that make them unique. Vintage fashion has been a love of mine for many years; my mother and I used to go to the Vintage Expo whenever it came to Los Angeles. We loved to just browse and admire, but we also bought- who could resist? When I was younger, I often got great bargains because I was able to fit into the tiny vintage sizes that most women couldn't buy. Happily some of those treasures still fit, and I've picked up more over the years.

Some vintage garments are distinctive due to construction details like pleating, or the quality of the tailoring, or through elaborate appliqués and beading. Others, though, use simpler methods that are still striking, like contrast trim or decorative pockets, which could be easily added to home made items. I'm planning to share photos of my collection, in the hopes of providing inspiration to other home seamstresses.

Today's post features this vintage cardigan, which is a pale heathered gray accented with grosgrain ribbon in white and charcoal forming a Greek key motif, as well as grosgrain-covered buttons. I love this sweater because it's clearly vintage, but at the same time has a modern feel. Plus, the idea of a ribbon detail like this could easily be used to spice up an existing sweater (and even cover a moth hole).

The cuffs are decorated with a half-key- check out the mitered edges and pointed ends!

Nothing was overlooked- even the back of the neck was nicely finished with a point and button.

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  1. Oh wow this cardigan is gorgeous! I would love to copy something like it. I love all the right angles.